Food and Wine in Tuscany

Food and Wine in TuscanyEating in?... Self-catering couldn't be easier!!!
There is such a choice of excellent quality fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, cheese etc. in the supermarkets that you really will be spoiled for choice. Prices are good and most holidaymakers are surprised by the low costs compared with those at home.

Most of our properties have barbecues and some have pizza ovens. Eating out under the stars on balmy evenings is truly delightful and if you happen to hear the song of a nightingale or glimpse the sparkling little 'lucciole' (fireflies) as they flit beneath the olive trees that really is an added bonus. Shops and Opening Hours Go Here>>

Food and Wine in TuscanyLooking for the best of both worlds?
Some of our properties offer the services of a cook who will come in by arrangement and prepare and serve an evening meal for your party at a very reasonable charge - this is usually mentioned in the brochure where available but do feel free to ask us if this is also possible at other properties where it is not mentioned.

At some properties the owners are often available to prepare a typical Tuscan meal for you on one or two evenings a week - we really do recommend that you take this opportunity to enjoy some hospitality and to sample some real Tuscan home cooking - the Italians take great pride in their culinary skills and are delighted to share this with you. The cost of the meal will be very reasonable and will often include estate wine.

Food and Wine in TuscanyEating out?... Local restaurants abound in most areas. Italians eat out frequently and enjoy their wonderful cuisine. Children are made welcome almost everywhere and any visit to a restaurant can be very much a family occasion.

Restaurants/Trattorias normally open around 8.00pm and stay open late in the evening. At some popular restaurants it is advisable to reserve a table especially on Saturday evenings. Most restaurants close on one evening a week - often Monday or Tuesday.

Some restaurants have menus printed in English, but many have a menu written only in Italian. Some smaller restaurants have no written menu at all and the owner will expect to serve you his specialities of the day or a selection of local dishes. Do not be put off by a restaurant that does not have a menu, as this could be the place where you will get the best meal and at a more reasonable price.

Prices do vary a great deal and whilst most of the pasta, pizza and vegetable dishes will be of low cost if you start ordering steaks, lamb, veal and fish you will pay much more, so it is always best to check the price before you order. Beware also that fish and steaks are often priced by weight and this can prove very expensive particularly with beef on the bone.

Drinks: When ordering wine with your meal it is usual also to have bottled water either still or with bubbles. Coffee: Espresso or Cappuccino will be offered at the end of the meal. Tea is less common and is not like our tea as it is not brewed with boiling water - you may be disappointed!

Payment: In some bars you pay as you leave. In other larger bars/pasticcerias/motorway service areas/ airport snack bars etc you pay before you eat, at a separate counter, by telling the cashier what you want and then taking the cash receipt to the counter where you will be served. If you are new to this system it may seem a little confusing at first and you will need to go to the counter to choose what you want before paying the cashier.

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